Bullfight Friday Night

If you’re a bullfight aficionado you probably already know that there’s a bullfight Friday night at the Alberto Balderas bullring in downtown Juarez.

If you’re not a bullfight aficionado the names of the bullfighters probably don’t mean anything to you. The scheduled card was Arturo “El Cejas” Macías, Sergio Flores, and Diego Sánchez, versus six San Miguel de Mimiahuapam bulls.

Here’s a video of the torero Sergio Flores getting gored by a bull in San Luis Potosí last week.

Talk about a bad day at the office. He’s not going to make it Friday. They called to the bullpen for the relief pitcher, the lefthander.

Okay, looks like Juan Pablo Sánchez got the nod. Get well soon, Sergio.

8 PM. Check it out.

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