Breaking News: Heather Wilson Has a Dog

This just in, from El Paso’s business journal:

Heather Wilson, UTEP’s new president, is a dog person.

We know that because El Pasoans who have attended recent events at Hoover House have been charmed by Penny, Wilson’s cute little cocker spaniel, who likes to circulate among the guests.
Wilson moved into Hoover House after taking over as the university’s president in August. She lives there with her husband, Jay Hone, a lawyer and retired Air Force colonel. And Penny.

Slow news week? I guess so.

You’d think the El Paso Inc. might have written about the changes going on in the newsroom over there at KVIA, but maybe it wasn’t politic.


  1. You forgot to mention that this is from the “Whispers” section which is explicitly a place for random newsish-gossipy little snippets.

    Their front page has a feel good article about how the El Paso company that bottles Jarritos is looking at selling 2.4B units next year, one about Henrnedez vs Veliz run off election, Estela Casas leaving to start her own foundation, and at least 4 more articles.

    So why aren’t you writing about that coverage? You accuse them of not following up in the KVIA staffing changes. Never mind that they might not have enough reliable information to actually write a legitimate news article (as opposed to a blog post).

    Honestly our politics aren’t that far apart and I like reading your posts except when you do stuff like that which feels almost laughably disingenuous (otherwise almost all news sources would have to be deemed questionable if they had ever run a cartoon or a crossword puzzle in addition to their regular news coverage.

    I don’t see how you can justify taking a random blurb from the Whispers section and trying to act like they aren’t doing their job when there are 8 articles on their front page covering legitimate El Paso related news.

    I’m not saying that they’re the New York Times but what’s up with doing that? It seems like they are actually doing their job and providing journalisticly legitimate, sourced articles so why try and pretend like they have no legitimate news?

    1. Come on, Mr. Geek.

      In what world or context could Heather Wilson’s dog possibly be newsworthy?

      Are we some hick town where “Heather Wilson has a dog” rates a mention in the business weekly? Even in the “newsish-gossipy” section?

      I get it. Slow news week. The rest of the Whispers weren’t that good, either.

      El Paso has a problem with settling. Settling for shitty media. Settling for shitty elected officials making shitty decisions. Settling for mediocrity.

      I’m happy for you if you’re okay with that. Life is so much more satisfactory if you’re willing to settle for mediocrity.

  2. if it werent for 512 in escrow each month to support the mediocrity aspiring or not folks i could be whispering

  3. The Oligarchy Gazette is rigorously controlled and censored by the owner and the editor. It is a not a news source as much as it is a gazette for country club golfers and their business contacts. You will find almost no investigative journalism there, just feel-good stuff about various development projects with a strong dose of propaganda thrown in for good measure.

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