Blame the Boomers

Here’s an interesting hypothesis: The country is in it’s sorry state because the Baby Boomers are sociopaths.

Even before the election, Americans were asking just how we got here — to this sullen moment of national reckoning. Since November, the autopsy has dragged on so long it seems there could be nothing left to dissect. But the search continues, because no truly satisfying answer has yet been offered. Deplorables, deportables, economic malaise, rural resentment, coastal hauteur whatever — these are just symptoms. The root illness remains undiagnosed, but here it is: the baby boomers, that vast generation of Americans born in the first two decades after World War II. The body politic rests on the slab because boomers put it there, because decades of boomerism produced the problems and disaffection of which 2016 was merely the latest expression.

It’s a shocking hypothesis, but then again, America has suffered a shocking decline. In 1971, Alan Shepard was playing golf on the moon. Today, America can’t put a man into orbit (or, allegedly, the Oval Office) without Russian assistance. Something changed, and that something was the boomers and the sociopathic agenda they emplaced.

Whoa. That’s a pretty heavy indictment to lay down on an entire generation. But the author has some points.

Check it out.


  1. Article is a slick deflection on the part of got to have it all right now Generation X. The rise to the White House by the Boomer gentleman on Pennsylvania Avenue is the manifestation of Generation X’s super materialism and designer brand fetish that is the image of the apolitical Yuppie Greed Is Good Culture. They lived in their self centered bubbles calling the Boomer Civil Rights and Anti War Protest Movements outdated. Generation X was too self absorbed to stand up for or even care about human rights. Generation X is the age group that will be dancing on the grave of Downtown El Paso’s beautiful Mexican Cultural Heritage, sipping on Pumpkin Lattes. Thank God for the dedicated Millenials who are passionate about human rights and are the soul of the Defenders of Duranguito. It is this upcoming Millenial generation who are passionate supporters of Bernie Sanders….that big bad Boomer who wants to bust the greedy big banks that attracted money obsessed generation Xers to working on Wall Street and we’re part of the corruption that caused the 2008 crash. Same generation that is pushing Assisted Suicide Legislation that will push the Boomers over the Cliff before their God given time is up. Because they want it all right now and their parents Boomer generation happens to be in the way.

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