Baby Stations on Sale

Have you ever wondered why everything our City Government buys is so expensive? I mean, $7 million to fix up a one-acre park?

So how about this? From KVIA:

El Paso City Council has unanimously approved the 2017-2018 budget in the amount of $896,357,226.

Homeowners will see their city tax bill increase about five percent. The tax increase impact on a $100,000 home will be $803.43. That is $43.78 more than last year.
. . .

At Monday’s special city council meeting, representatives made some last-minute budget requests.

Claudia Ordaz succeeded in securing $168,000 to add 350 baby changing stations to men’s and women’s restrooms in the city.

Baby changing stations! That sounds great!

But let’s see. $168,000 divided by 350 baby changing stations . . . hmm, that works out to $480 each. And here’s a website where you can buy one changing station for $211.67. I bet you could get a discount if bought 350.

So why are we spending $480 apiece?

Maybe the baby stations the City is buying come with drink caddies and ashtrays.

Hat tip to KVIA commenter Raul.


  1. “Diapers and politicians must be changed often, and for the same reason.” — Mark Twain

  2. “Maybe the baby stations the City is buying come with drink caddies and ashtrays.”

    Or maybe they require installation. $268 sounds about what a contractor would charge to install one, you know, overhead and all…

    1. Really? You’ve worked for the government too long. $268 for four screws? You should look into the Lean Sigma Six. I hear it’s the bomb.

      1. Yes, Sir. I am certified In L6s. The methodology would not apply to what is most likely a one time event for any local contractor, or city employees if they do the installation. We only apply the concept to streamline processes that will be ongoing…

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