Armed Home Invaders Kill 22 Year Old Man in Front of His Mother

Can you imagine if the victims had their own Public Information Officer, or spokesperson, who was pampered by a lap-dog media? The story might read like this:

A 22 year old man was killed in his mother’s house on the east side when he resisted an armed home invasion, police reported last week.

Erick Emmanuel Sanchez, 22, from Mexico, was shot and killed after resisting an armed home invasion at his mother’s home in the 300 block of Jesuit. The two armed assailants entered the home on the pretext of investigating a burglary call, and when the residents became agitated, one of the men attempted to “calm” the victim with a Taser. Upon resisting the assault, Mr. Sanchez was shot and then handcuffed by the other home invader. He later died at a local hospital.

Police are still searching for the gunman, but they expect to find him doing administrative work for the next ten days as the investigation continues.

There’s absolutely no chance that anything will ever be done about this extra-judicial killing. The District Attorney couldn’t get a indictment when he had video of a cop executing a handcuffed prisoner in the sallyport of the County Jail.

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