Another Inconvenient Truth

According the estimates from the United States Census Bureau, El Paso’s Median Household Income declined from $45,069 in 2015, to $43,200 in 2016.

But it’s not all bad news. Because the average income rose, from $57,990, to $58,862. So sure, the poor people are getting poorer, but at least the rich people are making out.

(I put the numbers into the story so you wouldn’t have to squint trying to read the tables off your cellphone in that bathroom stall, waiting for your baby-changing stations.)

Add that to the list of apocalyptic economic indicators that El Paso is facing: net out-migration, declining house values, and falling rents.

I’m surprised that the City hasn’t addressed, or even acknowledged, these dismal numbers. Okay, I’m not really surprised. If the City acknowledged them, then they might have to do something about it, and they’re not done scamming us yet.

But I’m surprised that none of the media has brought it up. With newsroom budgets declining, stats from the Census Bureau are low-hanging fruit.

It’s almost as if they’re in collusion with the City to keep El Pasoans uninformed.

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  1. I can certainly attest to the low median income level. Actually, us retired folks are below that level, but somehow our cost of living continues to climb, and our money just does not go as far as it did only a year ago. We do have to wonder why our elected representatives continue to ignore this reality, but I agree that they are likely just too damn busy fleecing us to pay attention.

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