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District 1 City Representative Peter Svarzbein called J.P. Bryan a “Houston billionaire” during Monday’s City Council work session. Like being a Houston billionaire was a bad thing.

Mr. Svarzbein recently worked for the presidential campaign of New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Mr. Svarzbein is comfortable taking campaign donations from our local rich people.

Hypocrite much?

Of all the people involved in the arena mess, J.P. Bryan’s motives are the most pure and unimpeachable. Mr. Bryan is not beholden to campaign donors who want to build the arena downtown for whatever obscure motives. Mr. Bryan doesn’t own any property downtown. And Mr. Bryan won’t be saddled with the increase in property taxes that the arena will cause.

Mr. Bryan is only interested preserving Duranguito for its historic significance.

Mr. Svarzbein says that discussing the City’s financial obligations during an economic crisis is opportunistic.

Better, perhaps, to run the ship aground than to alter course.


  1. Let’s face it. El Paso has not had true representative government at any point in time in my memory, unless we go back to (maybe) the 1970’s?), and we sure don’t have it now!

  2. Who will run as a RESPONSIVE, prudent, council rep in and for District #1? Peter is termed out.

  3. Funny how none of the El Paso Rulers had any problem with a Houston billionaire funding the Tom Lea Institute run by First Lady Adair Margo…to the tune of about a quarter of a million….Maybe they didn’t realize that whacking Bryan might lead him to stop handing out the bucks.

  4. I like this video of Peter. He looks and acts like he’s been up for two or three days. He has the gristly appearance of a bargain basement Yasser Arafat after a 24 hour rave. I first met Peter a few years back when he was engaged in door to door campaigning for the District one representative spot. It was a hot day. I was in my driveway working on a car and drinking responsibly as I often do. Peter announced his plans for a new era in city government that included fiscal responsibility and faithfully representing his district’s interest while keeping an eye on the overall health of the city in case there was a shock to the system like say, a global pandemic. I liked the cut of his jib. Even though he smelled like the dumpster behind a Chinese restaurant. He got my enthusiastic vote! And then he broke EVERY SINGLE PROMISE that he made to get elected. And now I feel like a dope. Won’t be the first or last time, believe me.

  5. Y’all are still voting for representatives, mayor, county commissioners, sheriff, and other elected spots there? I would think after all this time it would dawn on someone that it doesn’t matter who you vote for, THE RULERS of El Paso will dictate who wins the spot. School boards, city reps, Count Commiss, County Judge, Tax Assess, it doesn’t matter. And the problem has spread. Other cities have copied it. Yup, a couple of cities have been embarrassed when no one turned up at a polling site, but the polling site reported 110 votes all for a candidate. Ah the joys of automation.

  6. Svarzbein proofed to be a dud. Love to see him go. Outta here!!!
    As well as a few others in council.

  7. I’ll be honest. I don’t live in El Paso but have many family who still do and have deep ties to the community. I had never heard Svarzbein speak until now. Incredible! This nitwit was/is the City Council Rep for District 1? J.P. Bryan doesn’t have a vested (financial) interest in Duranguito, other than the historic preservation. Look at his body of work. Starting with the Gage Hotel, the Tom Lea Institute and so much more. Svarzbein’s legacy? The Trolley. A money losing “toy” for the Westside that has finally been mothballed. It makes me grind my teeth when I hear people like Svarzbein….so many “uuhhs..”…..and “uuuuhs.” What an idiot. Plus he tried to deflect to make it seem as if Bryan was doing this right now during our Pandemic, while this battle has been going on for a long time. Good Riddance!

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