A Public Obscenity

I think it’s obscene that the City of El Paso asks the working poor to pay for luxury amenities for the leisure class.

El Paso’s poor. We’re one of the poorest big cities in the U.S.

City Council wouldn’t have to get out in the community very much to figure that out.

Do we “deserve world class facilities”? What does that even mean?

Sure, it’d be nice to have world class facilities, if someone else were to pay for them. But just because the upper class thinks they deserve world class facilities doesn’t mean that they should make the poor taxpayers in this town pay for them.

You know what El Paso deserves? A culture that values education. A culture that understands the benefits of nutrition and exercise. A culture where art and music, and the tools and opportunity to make them, are available to everyone.

Instead, what do we get? Vultures picking the flesh off the children of the poor so they can sit in luxury suites and witness live entertainment.

Maybe you think that because poor people don’t own property, they don’t pay property tax. That’s naive. Property tax is built into the price of every loaf of bread and jug of milk we buy. It’s a part of the rent. Property tax is insidious.

It’s obscene that the City of El Paso taxes the poor to provide world class facilities to the people who have the time and the money to use them.


  1. Remember when a suburb of Juarez went without running water and had to rely on water trucks. What did one of the rich and famous do ? They decided it was more important to build a world class children’s museum ! They are out of touch with reality.

    If they really wanted to help this region, they would ensure that all children received an education, ensured they had breakfast and lunch, ensure they had basic needs like clothing and back packs. There are a lot needs in the community and we know once a year they take applications for a worthy cause, it’s appreciated. But, think of how more they help if they didn’t build toys and at taxpayer expense (tax breaks, wink). Plus make us pay to use the facilities. We also subsidize the “full” house attendance. Then make major announcements of what they donated. Tax write offs !

    I can afford all the entertainment they build for us to feel good. But, I refuse to attend any game or use any facility they build because of the sneaky tactics that are employed. Even when they give away tickets to fill the stadium (a lot season ticket holders pay but never attend-wink). I will not use Peters folly !

    They remind me of the Italian gangster in Godfather part one. When he pins a few bucks on the statue in the parade, then pretends to be humbled by the poor clapping.

  2. All children already get free education, free breakfast and lunch if needed. I do not believe that giving away more stuff will add to our quality of life. What will improve our QOL is allowing taxpayers to keep more of their own money. Allow taxpayers to make their own choices about where to spend their money. If they want art and music that is fine. If they want to put their money into fixing up their house or saving for college that is fine too. Taxing poor people more and more for what someone else thinks they need is obscene. Good post, Rich.

  3. I’m glad that you pointed out the fact that we all pay property tax. There is this misconception that those who don’t own property do not pay therefore they shouldn’t have a voice.

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