The Mayor is a Liar

At about 25 minutes into this Facebook video (recorded by Ben Carnevale) Mayor Dee Margo claims that “between 2012 to 2017, among the major cities in Texas, the top six, El Paso and one other had the highest population growth.”

Well, the mayor, God bless him, is just lying.

Between 2012 and 2017, Houston’s population grew by 156,559 people, or 7.3%. San Antonio grew by 127,801, or 9.2 percent. Dallas grew by 100,743, or 8.1%. Austin grew by 96,909 people, or 11.3%. Fort Worth grew by 94,397, or 12.0%.

Between 2012 and 2017, El Paso’s population, meanwhile, grew by 7,733 people, or 1.1%.

I don’t know where the mayor got his figures. Maybe from a Quija board. Maybe from his Magic 8 Ball. Maybe he just pulled the numbers out of his ass.

I got my numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau’s FactFinder.

Maybe you can check my ciphering. I’ve only had one cup of coffee so far today.


  1. No, I don’t question the city’s demographer. If it was the Mayor who uttered those words he is solely responsible for their use, regardless of where he got them.

  2. I’m ready to retire. But I have bad habits. Most likely the years won’t be kind to me past this point. My taxes are twice what my original mortgage was. What are these dumbshits gonna do when I die?

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