The 2017 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Where is it?

Here’s the Financial Reports page for City of El Paso’s Office of the Comptroller. The latest Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is for 2016.

According to the City Charter:

Within 120 days after the close of each fiscal year, the City shall publish in any contemporary means of information sharing including but not limited to publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the City or placement on the City’s web site in the manner designated by the Council, a financial statement of the City prepared with generally accepted accounting principles for municipalities. This will be limited to balance sheets, statement of revenue and expenditures and changes in fund equities.

The fiscal year ends on August 31. Some quick math indicates that it should be due by the end of the year. Last year. 2017.

Do you suppose that they’re hiding something, or are they just sloppy?

Maybe you should ask your City Representative. Or I understand that the Mayor has some kind of a background in finance.


  1. LOL, the answer is obvious. Having been exposed about the misuse of tax money for pet projects they now are busy trying to do some book keeping.

    You alone have shown the dirt on their hands and bulging pockets.

    We know what you (city) did last summer. Part 1 by cook and now the sequel by de margo.

  2. I filed a complaint with tx attu General office after reading this. Do the same. We can coup the local govt with nerf guns. These pussies would hide under their desks

  3. On the city’s report on “profits” from the ball park. They note an increase in revenue from parking fees. How does the city figure out who’s paying the parking fees to go to the ball games? How do they figure the parking meter fees applicable to the ball park? If they’re lying on this, what else are they lying about?

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