Mom and Dad Are Fighting

You probably saw this op-ed in the Times, where former mayor John Cook and ex-City Manager Joyce Wilson defend their fiscal profligacy.

It’s unfortunate that the current mayor and other city leaders continue to shift blame on previous administrations for their failure to execute the 2012 Quality of Life Bond. Those of us involved in this important effort have been gone for at least five years or more, and this line of attack is getting old.

From 2005-13, the mayor, the City Council and the administration executed nearly $1.5 billion in capital projects laying the foundation for a remarkable renaissance, which led to the successful passage of the 2012 Quality of Life Bond.

What exactly are they saying there? “Of course there’s no money. We spent it all.”

And let’s not forget the pack of lies they employed to get those QoL bonds passed. That the Quality of Life bonds wouldn’t impact our taxes. That the Quality of Life projects would produce economic development.

Mr. Cook and Ms. Wilson are right, of course. Our current elected officials shouldn’t be throwing more money on the boondoggles the previous administration foisted on us. But the previous administration is not blameless. Not by a long shot.

It’s kind of fun to watch them bicker.


  1. Rich I thought it was a good op-ed. Yes I remember hearing Henry Cisneros on tv saying the stadium would not cost the taxpayers any money, and here we are providing corporate welfare.
    What I do like is that they spoke up. Enough is enough of the attacks on previous administrations. Mayor and council need to get their act together. Time for Dee to pull up his big boy pants and lead.

  2. Sorry, Lily, but weren’t you a part of that previous problem? The entire QoL still stinks to high heaven, and whatever is left of it is doing us no good, while this city rushes towards bankruptcy.

  3. John I was on city council. I can assure you that when the Leonel Forti Aquatic Center came in way over budget, I said STOP. I questioned why were we getting these grandiose plans when the budget was not there to cover them. As you can see with my departure, money is no object for the new council.

    1. Maybe, supposedly, spending wasn’t quite as bad “back in the day”, but spending was also no object even before the 2012 bond fiasco. (Cook, Wilson, the ultra incompetent CFO, the nutty, incompetent City Council-ites) So L L, l’m going to interpret your response as you opposing everything that’s over budget. lf that’s the case, l’m in complete agreement with you.

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