Blame the New Guy

The El Paso Times knows who’s responsible for the poor paperwork that resulted in the City not receiving $20 million in highway infrastructure project funds.

Who’s at fault for not filing correct paperwork resulting in the nix of road infrastructure money? Hey, none of this stuff happened with Joyce Wilson was city manager and many complained she had too many high-paid deputies.

Or maybe they just never told us.

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  1. This reminds me of the Michael Moore film Roger and Me. The city of Flint was dying so the city decided to invest in themselves. They built an amusement park called Auto World. They built a Hotel to be able to handle conventions. This was an attempt to turn Flint Michigan into a tourist destination. Auto World was shuttered, the hotel filed for bankruptcy. The city paid all kinds of experts from the outside to help Flint transform into some kind of hip city on the cutting edge. Sound familiar?

    In the end Flint continued to die. Tax revenues dwindled as the population voted with their feet and left. City services were cut which lead to a rat problem due to limited garbage collection. A leader of the city council was interviewed at the end of the film and said (paraphrase) “A constituent told me that you cant build palm beach out of the bowery.”

    I guess El Paso has not learned that lesson.

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