Your Freudian’s Slipping

Here’s Mayor Dee Margo talking about his regime:

Under his regime?

Pol Pot had a regime. Stalin had a regime. Pinochet had a regime.

El Paso’s mayors have a time in office. They have a tenure. They don’t have a regime.

Remember when the City sent the riot cops down to Duranguito to bust some heads and arrest some protestors eat pizza and put up fences?

Here, I wrote about it.

That was shortly after Mayor Margo took office.

That’s the kind of behavior you get from a regime.

That clip is from KVIA’s ABC7 Xtra. You can access all three segments of the debate on YouTube here through this link.


  1. Highly recommend to all who have not seen this program to take a look. It is in three segments so you can take a break when you need it! Very revealing.

  2. We certainly see contrasts between the candidates: real choices. Say no to wanna-be king Margo.

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