You Can Help!

I’ll tell you the truth. It’s hard for me to ask for help. But this time, I need your help to become your Representative on City Council.

I guess I’m a Code of the West kind of guy. Self-reliant. Unfortunately, I myself can only vote once, so I need your help to put me into office.

I need help with voter outreach. Block walking, and phone banking, and event organizing. Sometimes I’ll just need warm bodies to show up and show their support. We’re not going to win this without voter engagement.

I need everyone’s help. I need fifty percent of the voters, plus one vote. You could be that one vote, or you could be the person that convinces that one vote to elect me to City Council.

The race is for District 8, but every taxpayer in El Paso will benefit if I’m on City Council.

The money you save could be your own.

If you can help, please send me an email at

And if you can’t volunteer, you can send me a donation. Anything helps. You can donate to my campaign via PayPal by hitting that donate button up there on the right hand side of this website, or you can send me a check, payable to Rich Wright Campaign, to 611 E River Av, El Paso, Texas 79902.

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