Would you let your daughter date a guy like that?

Imagine if our local government were a person. Would you want that person for a friend? Would you trust that person to be your doctor? Would you buy a car from a person like that? Would you let that person be your babysitter? Invest your money?

If, for some reason, things didn’t work out, would you want lies and excuses, or would you expect an honest accounting?

It would be better, in the long run, for our local governments to just own their mistakes, and move on, instead of lying about them, and fostering a culture of deceit that inspires no faith and only compounds the problems.


  1. Your daughter will date whatever city she wants to. Even a “girl” city not a “guy” city. Even a city of color though she’s white. You can’t stop her. Though you CAN control your urge to mix metaphors.

    1. I’m sure I can’t control my daughter, but I’m not sure I can control my urge to mix metaphors.

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