Woody Hunt talking About the Arena

Here’s Mr. Hunt in a February 19, 2018, El Paso Inc. article titled Woody Hunt: In his own words.:

Q: The multipurpose center has sparked a lot of controversy, particularly the proposed location.

It is a legitimate debate to discuss what we are going to use the arena for and if we have enough uses for it. I would say we spend too little time about that discussion and way too much on the location.

That’s some Cheshire Cat logic there. We might not need the arena, but it needs to go in Duranguito.

You don’t suppose Mr. Hunt brought that up that question when he and Mayor Margo were talking to J. P. Bryan about Duranguito, do you?

I may have questioned the need for a $180 million to $250 million arena before.

Once or twice.

But don’t you worry, our civic leaders know what’s good for El Paso, even if it kills El Paso.

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