Will Obamacare Cover That?

If I’m coming back from Juarez, and the brave men policing our border decide to do a little investigative colonoscopy on me, and then the University Medical Center bills me for it, am I covered?

If not, then now would be a good time for a private provider to offer legally induced colonoscopy insurance. Because I’ll bet that the government is a little shy about shining flashlights up anybody’s old address after being hit with that lawsuit. And after all the publicity that story has received, public awareness of the government’s perverse proclivities is at an all-time high.

News of the story will probably have an adverse effect on Juarez tourism, except, perhaps, for that subset of Americans who enjoy sexual penetration with foreign objects by uniformed strangers. Of course, you can get that in the U.S. for a lot less than $5000.

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