Who’s driving this truck?

It looks increasingly like City Staff are giving direction to City Council instead of the other way around.

Like this quote from District 3 Representative Emma Acosta:

“You keep hearing that these people are complaining about the arena, yet the truth is (city) staff say people who live in the footprint of the arena say they’re ready to go,” District 3 city Rep. Emma Acosta told El Paso Inc.

I can emphatically refute that. Many people in Duranguito don’t want to move.

Or this post making the rounds on Facebook:

City Staff is supposed to answer to City Council and City Council is supposed to answer to the voters.

If City Staff doesn’t answer to City Council, they don’t answer to anybody. City Council needs to get out of their comfort zones and meet some real El Pasoans, instead of just listening to staff.


  1. Seriously. Talk to people. Listen. Bring your assistants and have them listen in case you suck at listening or you’re tired or something. The residents don’t want to move. Why would people be mobilizing around them if they felt lukewarm about the issue??

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