Where Has the Money Gone?

As of this morning, El Paso has recorded 81,511 positive tests for the Coronavirus, and 862 Covid-19 deaths.

On May 12, City Council budgeted $84.2 million for Public Health and Safety Response Programs, to include Testing, Contact Tracing and Epidemiology, Education, Prevention, and Compliance.

$84.2 million is lot of cheddar, especially when we’re doing everything on an industrial scale.

Of those five categories, all I’m seeing is the testing.

Where’s the contact tracing? How much money are we spending on the education, prevention, and compliance? I’m not seeing a lot of evidence of the money we’re spending on education, prevention, and compliance.

I’d like to see some accountability, with an emphasis on accounting.


  1. We’ve done basically no efforts at prevention. Margo and friends made sure of that.

  2. For that matter, those other things on the list should be part and parcel of the overall package, and there’s no excuse for them having been neglected. Compliance is sorely needed, but that ain’t happening while daddy and daddy are having a pissing match. This thing is not going away, and putting all our eggs in a vaccine basket is not the way to make it end any quicker.

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