What’s that smell?

Sometimes, when I read the El Paso Times, I wonder if they think we’re all stupid of if they’re just incompetent.

Here’s something they printed today.

The city’s largest sports, entertainment and convention venues are Downtown, including the Judson F. Williams Convention Center, the 2,050-seat Plaza Theatre, the 2,500-seat Abraham Chavez Theatre and Southwest University Park.

I guess they forgot about the Don Haskins Center, which seats more than 12,000 people and hosts concerts and basketball games.

The Don is an inconvenient competitor for our new $180 million gift to the city’s one percent.


  1. The Plaza Theater is never used, except for an occasional top tier show and the once a year film festival….hardly worth the cost of renovation. It’s like a beautiful mid century sofa you’re not allowed to sit on.

  2. I suppose they forgot the Sun Bowl, the Coliseum, Cohen Stadium.
    That is some fine reporting there Bob….

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