What if the baseball team sucks?

What if the team sucks? Because (spoiler alert), they do. Right now the Tucson Padres are the worst team in the Pacific Coast League. Their parent team, the San Diego Padres, are living in the basement of the National League, so it’s likely that any talent that shines in El Paso will get sucked up to the Big Show before we get used to him. So don’t expect a winner, sports fans.

Anybody who’s been paying attention knows that El Pasoans are fickle. UTEP Football doesn’t draw. Even the basketball team only fills the Don when they’re winning.

So how much losing baseball does it take to fill you up? I might go once, but I don’t even have a television, so I’m probably not representative. The Diablos are averaging a little more than 4,000 fans a game, but the city’s economic impact model forecasts more than 6,000 baseball fans at each game. They also forecast that each attendee will drop more than $40 each time they go. $160 to take the family to a ballgame. Right.

What’s going to happen when the newness wears off? Will there be that much difference between the Diablos, at Cohen, and the El Paso Padres, downtown? Maybe we can arrange a scrimmage. I bet that would sell out.

I reckon the only way that the El Paso Padres are going to be a huge success is if they let people bring their own beer. It always worked for Music Under the Stars.

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