What Gives?

Sunday I went to Cloudcroft.

The high temperature was 72. The low was 58. You should try it.

Nowhere on the whole trip was gasoline as expensive as it is in El Paso.

In Oro Grande, a gallon of unleaded cost $4.14.

In Oro Grande. That little speed trap on the way to Alamogordo.

The lady who owns the gas station in Oro Grande said she gets her gas from the refinery in El Paso.

So why is gas so expensive in El Paso?


  1. Some guesses:
    Because NM is a resident-friendly state compared to TX?
    Because El Paso is really Fosterville, alluding to the previous owner and currently large shareholder in Marathon Refinery?
    Because El Pasoans focus their anger on DC rather than local and state politicians?

  2. I saw $4.19 on the east side Tuesday. When I got back to the west side it was $4.59. In 2020 the US was energy independent (i.e.. can’t blame Russia), exporting energy and gas was $2.10 as I recall.

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