What does the Times Think?

Don’t you suppose that it’s the duty of the preeminent English-language newspaper to give voice to their opinion on the recent raises which the El Paso County Commissioners Court gave themselves last week? Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what the Times editorial board thinks about that controversial issue?

If their opinion colors their coverage of the controversy, shouldn’t readers be informed, at least to what their opinion is?

Is it because the Times doesn’t want to acknowledge the controversy? Are they hoping it will go away? Is it tacit approval? Are they afraid of ruffling feathers?

Did they run out of column inches?

Wouldn’t El Paso be a better place if we had a newspaper that would advocate for the citizens? A newspaper that would “comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable”?

Don’t you think that an advocacy newspaper might have better ratings? More readership?

There are lots of issues the El Paso Times hasn’t afforded any coverage. They could have got on board with the lawsuits over our recently departed City Council’s secret emails. The could have reported that, according to recent Census Bureau estimates, El Paso County’s population has practically flatlined. They could ask why, with our reported unemployment rate at record lows, there aren’t any jobs available, and household income has declined.

They’re not doing El Paso any favors by repeating the refrain that “It’s All Good.” Makes you wonder whose side they’re on.


  1. I think the problem is that the “El Paso Times” is not really what newspapers used to be. It is part of a corporate conglomerate, that has no interest in doing what hometown papers used to do, because they get more revenue from national accounts than they do from any local advertising. They feel they have no obligation to local communities because they no longer depend on sales of the daily rag for their main source of income. So, basically, all they are is just another advertising medium. In this case, not even a very good one.

  2. The EPTimes recently ran a headline stating that the emperor of Japan wanted to abdicate his “thrown”. In their defense they did spell abdicate correctly. The EPTimes isn’t a newspaper. The fourth estate doesn’t exist and we’re not in Kansas anymore.

  3. The EP Times does indeed care about local events when it suits their agenda and when it pleases the cabal they serve. When local events make the cabal look bad, as in the recent pay raises, they ignore the event. In my mind El Paso does not have an English language newspaper. The sooner you quit relying on it for news, the better off you are.

  4. Newspapers are an antiquated source of information these days. They’re dying their natural death and the EP Times is on the way out. They operate more like a gossip rag than a newspaper. Investigative journalism in print form is a dying art.

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