What About Open El Paso?

I’m a little curious about the motivations of the Open El Paso advocates.

Do their home lives suck? Maybe they should buy headphones.

Do they live alone? Don’t they have social media? Are they slow typers?

Are they the proverbial grasshoppers, who haven’t saved anything for the winter? There are still jobs available, if you don’t mind risking the Covid, and obviously they don’t mind risking the Covid.

Or do they just have a problem with Authority Figures? Staying home is a really good way to avoid Authority Figures.

Maybe the Stay at Home orders are an overblown reaction to an unknown risk, but sticking your finger into a light socket isn’t the best way to find out if it’s on.

And what’s the downside to home quarantine? The liquor stores are still open, and Netflix is only $9 a month.


  1. I kinda wonder about this, too. For one thing, nationally, why are these “open” protesters always coming out with gunz? They gonna shoot that pesky little ‘rona varmint? They make ridiculous claims like “the governor” is denying me” – not in Texas, but elsewhere – “my right to freely assemble.” Really? What is it that they want to assemble for? It’s not like they’re the kind of people that I would be inviting over for a cookout, you know. Or poker, for that matter. I certainly wouldn’t wanna share a beer with them. I think I’ll go with your idea about the light socket. Maybe they’re tired of sticking their fingers into one?

  2. Can only speak for myself but the models that were used to justify the shutdown were drastically overblown and do not warrant a continued lockdown of the healthy. The food chain is on the verge of breaking and this is going to have an effect much larger than the virus.

    People were there to protest the arbitrary designation of essential services and the forced government shuttering of their business.

    Furthermore, there is talk from WHO and CDC about health passports and mandatory vaccines in order to fully open again. I went to show my opposition to this.

    Maybe liquor, mindless entertainment and social media might be enough for the senior citizens but young healthy bodies need movement and sun.

    Remember, its a free country and people are free to stay home. Also, if you’ve gone to any store in the last month and had the audacity to point fingers at protestors, do the right thing and point that finger right back at yourself.

    1. Is it your professional medical opinion that the models used to justify the shutdown were overblown, or are you just talking out your ass?

      I know something about talking out my ass.

  3. I saw your interview on Sun City Live-streams and could tell you were ignorant of the intentions while coming to your conclusions. So I guess this is your first piece of ignorance in an otherwise long string of insightful writing. Sure, I guess you didn’t want to interact with people at the rally, nevertheless you were out there in public exercising your rights just as they were. Pot meet kettle my friend.

    If you didn’t want to interview people in person as the dozens of other journalists were doing, there’s social media which you could have used to make inquiries. I spoke with several people who are on the verge of losing a business they built up over the period of years. To hell with your netflix dismissal really.

    Finally as to the other commentators comments. You know, there would be nothing at all immoral about carrying a firearm, but we intentionally encouraged people not to, because we did not want to distract from our message. However, giving simpletons like you are going to bring up non-occurrences irregardless, this helps me inform me that in the future to not care what people like you are going to think and say regardless. Appreciate the lesson.

    1. I’m sure this isn’t my first piece of ignorance. The point of this whole piece was based on my ignorance. Did you see all the question marks?

      And lumping me in with journalists is a disservice to journalists.

      But you’re telling me that the motivation for the Open El Paso rally was that “several people” are “on the verge of losing a business”? Did other people have other reasons? Like their home lives suck and they don’t have headphones?

      Do tell.

  4. I’m familiar with one of the protestors, Noemi Fragoso. She’s an ardent trumper despite being on food stamps and despite Trump attempting to cut SNAP benefits. Some trumpers are intent on disruption, regardless of the consequences…

  5. You can tell the protesters’ intentions from the number of Trump signs/hats/etc. This wasn’t about protecting small businesses, it was a Trump re-election rally.

  6. LouisX is talking out of his ass….”there is talk there is going to be a mandatory vaccines and health passports…and I want to show my opposition to this.”

    Well, pendjejo. If they do actually figure out a vaccine for Covid 19, it should be mandatory, otherwise you’re going to have people such as yourself walking around like Typhoid Mary infecting everyone else. YOUR Rights don’t overpower MY Rights. Plus, its just “talk” at this point because nothing has been even done…especially a freaking Vaccine. They don’t even have enough testing, much less a vaccine. So, in typical El Paso millenial style he is bitching. He wants to go out because “young healthy bodies need movement and sun.” I believe one can do that now, as long as one is wearing a mask. And, when this idiot goes and hugs grandma and/or grandpa and they die because the majority of Covid deaths are people over 80….then don’t feel guilty. Plus, going to the store for essentials is not the same as “just going out” to protest their Liberty. Try telling that to John McCain if he were alive. Typical El Paso comment. Probably went to UTEP and thinks he knows it all. There is an excellent documentary on Netflix about Corona Virus. Or read John Barry’s book on the Spanish Flu of 1918. Or anything by Laurie Garett…The way the Plague/Black Death died out is what is going on now…Social Distancing. Not a vaccine. Not crowding out because young healthy bodies need sun. Plain old common sense seems to be missing at these “protests.” WTF?!

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