We’re Too Nice

People in El Paso are nice. That’s why we put up with so much crap. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. If someone tries to do their best, and their efforts come up short, we let it pass. Because we’re nice.

So we end up with crap like this, lifted from a local website with an .edu URL.

“Historically, since the arrival of the first Spanish expedition in 1598, the Paso del Norte (PdN) is the result of more than 400 years of history.”

There are other typographical or grammatical errors in the same paragraph. I’d be embarrassed. Especially since the Vision Statement for this educational sub-entity says

“The [educational sub-entity] is committed to facilitating, producing, and disseminating the highest quality research regarding cross-border economic and social development through the continued engagement of regional stakeholders within government, academia, and the private and public sectors.”

I’d tell you who it is but I’m too nice.


  1. Yeah, that UTEP site is horribly written. *Things that make you scritch yer head.*

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