We’re Number 1, Again!

This story in El Diario about a book called Los Narcos Gringos makes an interesting assertion:

“El Paso, como muchas otras ciudades, pero en especial El Paso, la sigo considerando como la ‘narcobodega’ más grande de Estados Unidos. Tal vez ahora Phoenix la está rebasando por el problema de la heroína, pero El Paso es la ‘narcobodega’ más grande que existe en Estados Unidos”, afirma [el autor Jesús] Esquivel en entrevista telefónica con El Diario.

Here, let me help you out.

“El Paso, like a lot of other cities, but especially El Paso, continues to be considered the biggest narcotics warehouse in the United States. Maybe now Phoenix is passing it with heroin, but El Paso is the biggest narco-warehouse that exists in the United States,” [the author Jesús] Esquivel confirmed in a telephone interview with El Diario.

The article in El Diario goes on to say that El Paso has as many as 100 brokers who intermediate the delivery of drugs to other places in the U.S. through the operation of stash houses. The book says that the number of brokers was calculated by ICE Special Agent Oscar Hagelsieb.

The author gives a presentation tonight at UACJ. Details are in the El Diario story.

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