We’re Not Last!

Here’s a list from everybody’s favorite click-bait list creator. WalletHub did a study of the most and least educated MSAs in America, and El Paso came in at 139, out of 150.

That’s right. We beat out eleven other MSAs. You gotta feel good about whipping the tar out of a bunch of small towns in California’s central valley, and McAllen.

Woe is us, Chuquenses. Woe is us.


  1. Based on my own personal observation of the typical El Pasoan, l would’ve bet that we were ranked lower. l live in a town were MOST of the candidates running for mayor and in my district LITERALLY didn’t know why they were running except that it gave them a warm, tingly feeling. Slightly changing topics, near the top of this ‘Dee Margo for Mayor’ flyer, he says, “It’s time for a leader who puts you first.” But then at the bottom, Dee proudly mentions that he’s endorsed by Leeser and five City Reps. l’m disappointed that l didn’t catch that sooner.

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