Wee Wee Wee

Nothings going to change if we don’t have the courage of our convictions. Nothing’s going to change if all we do is yell into the echo chamber.

This morning I opened my Facebook page to find a conversation full of indignation about property taxes. I took some screenshots and ran it here on El Chuqueño.

They backlash was practically immediate. One of the women unfriended and blocked me. Oh well. She was an enthusiastic supporter of the EPISD bond that saddled district residents with two thirds of a billion dollars debt. But she couldn’t be quoted complaining about her property tax rates. The hypocrisy is strong in that one.

So I took the post down. I trashed it, in the vernacular of WordPress.

Those two women collectively have more than two thousand followers. An article on El Chuqueño might get 200 views.

Do you think that Facebook is private? Do you think that you’ll change anyone’s mind if you only express the same old opinions to the same old people?

They see me hang it out online all the time. Every day. If you have a computer, or access to a computer, and the internet, you can read my analysis and opinions 24/7. They “Like” my Facebook posts. Sometimes they even share them.

Sorry to expose you to the sunshine, snowflakes.

You can now go back to grumbling among yourselves.

Quietly. In whispers.


  1. Yeah, I know just how you feel. Dare to point out one instance of the crap that certain people are pulling, and you get slammed. The worst part of the slamming is that it is usually from people you would normally avoid like the plague, due to their blatant ignorance, or sexism, or racism, or whatever.

    1. No, that’s not it, John. I am in complete alignment with what those people posted on Facebook. But they were offended that I put it on my blog without asking them. They were indignant. They wanted me to ask their permission for them to own their ideas.

      Indignation is a symptom of prideful thinking. “Don’t you know who I am?”

      In fact, by journalistic standards, I was completely within my rights. They shouldn’t have had any expectation of privacy for what they post on Facebook.

      They acted like I caught them masturbating. Maybe I did.

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