We Hardly Knew You

By now you may have heard that Pacific Financial appears to have folded up its tent and left town. Or maybe not. Apparently the City and County didn’t know. From KVIA:

Officials with the City and the County of El Paso tell ABC-7 they have not received word from Pacific Union Financial regarding a closure.

Monday, Workforce Solutions of El Paso confirmed several people arrived at its offices requesting assistance. Representatives with Workforce Solutions declined to speak with ABC-7 on camera, but Communications and Public Affairs Manager Romie Ruiz told ABC-7 Workforce Solutions sent its rapid response unit to the Pacific Union Financial location and learned the building was “gated-up.”

You remember Pacific Union. Mayor Dee Margo couldn’t play squash for a month after dislocating his shoulder patting himself on the back when he announced the company’s arrival. From the El Paso Times:

El Paso Mayor Dee Margo said simply, “We won. We beat California, we beat Arizona. We won.”

This is the city’s first big job announcement since Margo became mayor in June.

Jon Barela, the Borderplex Alliance CEO, said, “We intend to win again, we intend to continue this cooperation” with the city and county, he said. “We intend to continue this trajectory of jobs growth.”

Be careful what you wish for, Mr. Barela. Because this trajectory of jobs growth is likely to continue.


  1. As City Council, you know, the folks that were elected to represent us, the voting taxpayers, doubles the cost of yet another part of the now six plus year old QOL bond issue…the hits just keep on acomin’, huh?

  2. Pacific Financial also claims to have offices in California. They don’t even have an office on Joe Dimaggio. And, what’s with the 699 job number?

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