Visit to the Blogosphere

Man, that blogosphere is a scary place. Lemme show you.

Since we’ve visited him last, Max Powers has been raising a ruckus. He said some things about Democrat political operative Mike Apodaca, who is working for the EPISD bond PAC. But that was only a start. Mr. Powers suggests that Mr. Apodaca might have to kick back some cash to LionStar blogger Jaime Abeytia, and he takes a tongue-in-cheek swipe at blogger DavidK’s parents.

He also brings up EPISD Board Member Susie Byrd’s consulting business, and suggests the Mr. Apodaca might have to let Ms. Byrd get her beak wet, too.

Which raises an interesting question: Who are the clients of Mr. Byrd’s communication and consulting business? Might they create a conflict of interest for Ms. Byrd’s service on the board? We’ll probably never know.

Next Mr. Powers asks about how the voting public and supporters of the bond feel about charter schools, and points out some hypocrisies.

I the brave new world of moral relativism, hypocrisy is the biggest sin.

And finally, Mr. Powers points out that the EPISD bond disproportionately benefits the west side.

And, just as Mr. Powers seem transfixed by the EPISD bond, over at RefusetheJuice, Mr. K is focused on the arena. He claims the arena’s downfall will be that it doesn’t have an anchor tenant, except, perhaps, the Bowie High School Graduation Ceremony. It’s pretty good, and Mr. K has the best commenters in the local blog universe.

Over at the LionStarBlog, Mr. Jaime Abeytia is doing up the local political season, because, well, that’s what he does. He’s drilling Sheriff candidate Tom Buchino for, among other things, participating in some high school homecoming parades, in apparent violation of the Texas Election Code. He gets on CLEAT’s case for their crying over Sheriff Wiles attendance at a the party of a reformed felon. And, something, something, Hurd, something, Buchino.

Oh, sorry, I dozed off for a moment.

Turn your back on and it blows up. Mr. Paredes lent his blog to local Republican Barbara Carrasco, and apparently Mr. Paredes and Ms. Carrasco had a tete-a-tete over some presidential candidate. I’m sure it’s very enlightening, but I didn’t read it because I had to re-primer my jeep.

Also, Mr. Paredes suggests that El Paso’s leadership is trying to get the Brown out of Town. Good luck with that. Suggesting that our local wheels don’t like Mexicans is overly broad. They just don’t like poor Mexicans.

Then, Mr. Paredes informs us that the Texas Attorney General’s office has ruled that County Judge Veronica Escobar doesn’t have to turn over her emails to Susie Byrd in response to a Public Information Act request because Judge Escobar and Ms. Byrd are friends.

And then there’s ElPasoSpeak, which you should read yourselves every day, like I do.

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