Vaginal Delivery: $166.67

Hospital de la  Familia closeup

With a FEMAP membership, having a baby via the traditional method only costs $3000 Mexican pesos, or $166.67 U.S. dollars at last week’s exchange rate of about 18 pesos for the dollar.

Sure, you’ve asked me. That’s for the hospital, but what about the doctor? What about anesthetics, and accessories?

Well, you asked me, so I asked the Licenciada Patricia Guerrero at the Hospital de la Familia. Here’s what she said:

El precio de paquete de parto incluye:

-1 día de hospitalización (después del nacimiento del bebe) en sala general .

– Medicamentos básicos necesarios para la atención del parto.

-Materiales básicos necesarios para la atención del parto.

– Pago de médicos

-1 consulta para mama 1 con médico general semana después de su alta del hospital.

-1 consulta para el bebe con pediatra una semana después del alta del hospital.

– Prueba de tamiz neonatal.

La epidural tendría un costo extra, $4,250 sin membresía y $3,740.00 con membresía.

In other words:

The price of the birth package includes:

– One day in the hospital (after the birth of the baby)

– Basic medicine as part of the delivery

– Basic materials as part of the delivery

– The doctors and nurses

– A consultation with a general practitioner a week after leaving the hospital

– A consultation with a pediatrician a week after leaving the hospital

– A neonatal screening

An epidural would cost $4250 ($236.11 U.S) without a membership and $3740 (207.78 U.S.) with.

Just to allay your suspicions, neither I nor any of the multitude of employees here at El Chuqueño are receiving any compensation from FEMAP or Hospital de La Familia. We’re all just trying to provide useful information to our readers.

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