UMC and Forcible Penetration

By now you’ve read this story about the New Mexico woman who was probed and x-rayed after a drug dog purportedly alerted to her, inducing agents to think that she may have illegal drugs concealed in her body cavities.

Here’s the story in the El Paso Times, and here’s another rendering of the events on

Maybe you overlooked the fact that this controversial search took place in our county hospital. Maybe you were unaware that our county tax dollars regularly support forcible penetration in the name of dubious law enforcement. Maybe, now, you’re a little incensed that our elected officials condone, through their complacence, the legal authorities sticking their fingers into the assholes of people because a dog claimed they smelled like drugs.

Now the feds, the doctor, and the hospital, are all being sued. And I hope Ms. Jane Doe from New Mexico wins, even though a big chunk of her gain would likely come out or our local tax coffers. The doctor is a local government employee who continues to receive a county paycheck.

I tell you, this wouldn’t happen in America.


    1. Well, I hope these two asshats aren’t among those twenty.
      Can we still fire them?

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