Tweedle Eedle Eet

Bob Moore’s ElPasoMatters twitter feed features the kind of feel good stories we love here at El Chuqueño. Here’s the first of a series of tweets he started on 5 September.

New data this week from @BLS_gov show more deeply disturbing trends for El Paso. The county’s job growth the last 5 years has been concentrated in sectors where the average wage is less than $500 a week. About two-thirds of El Paso’s job growth between Q1 2014 and Q1 2019 was in sectors where the average weekly wage was below the 2014 countywide average of $690 a week, according to the data. That average wage was one of the lowest among U.S. urban counties.

Of course, you won’t hear that on the Good Ship Lollipop from the City of El Paso. As far as they’re concerned, everything is hunky dory.

All the people doing the yakking on behalf of the City have jobs, and some are running for reelection.


  1. Nothing a Ballpark, Trolley, Stadium, Top Golf or indoor skydiving won’t fix. Bob was a passionate advocate for stuff like that in years past. He believed in the multiplier effect. He was always chasing that next rainbow. He lived his life with a big smile, a handshake and a shoeshine. Now he’s old and fat and his dick (or what’s left of if) is in the dirt and gets trampled daily. He has more chins than a Chinese phonebook. And the neighborhood dogs, cats and small children run when they see him coming. He smells like fear, despair and cat urine. We need new blood.

    1. Now Tom, it looks like now that Bob is off his corporate leash, he’s trying to do some honest reporting. I just wish all the other shills for the plutocrats would also atone for their sins.

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