Trouble at Team Shapleigh

I don’t usually comment on local politics, per se. A lot of other bloggers cover that beat. But last night I went to a meeting Cortney Niland had in the neighborhood, concerning the relocation of the Rescue Mission.

I was spurred by this article in the El Paso Inc.

The El Paso Rescue Mission’s CEO, Blake Barrow, is wondering why city Rep. Cortney Niland called a community meeting this Wednesday to discuss the relocation of a new unit of the mission and then didn’t invite him.

“The meeting was news to me,” Barrow said. “At no time were we invited, and I am skeptical about what Rep. Niland is up to. We intend to be there.”

Rep. Niland’s letter announcing the meeting contained some misinformation.

A notice from Niland’s office says she “will be hosting a community meeting on the proposed relocation of the Rescue mission (which would be right across the street from St. Clement’s School).”

It goes on to say, “We hope for a strong community presence, so we urge you to join us.”

St. Clement’s Parish School is not across the street from the site, but more than a quarter-mile away at 600 Montana.

The back of the school faces East Yandell. From there, the 900 E. Wyoming location is three blocks to the east and one block south.

That anyone would show up to support the relocation of the Rescue Mission to their neighborhood is a sign the citizens are fed up. It would be prudent for Team Shapleigh to regain some of the moral high ground, but it looks like they’ve torn those pages from their playbook.

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