Trolley Follies

No matter how you feel about the trolley conceptually, you have to admit that the execution has been disappointing.

There were the millions of dollars that got scammed from the project. And then the trolley cut Stanton down to two lanes from four. And now the City is proposing limiting parking along the trolley route.

Look at that picture up there. Doesn’t it look like there should be parking there beside the tracks? But maybe they put the tracks a little too close to the curb, so the City had to paint the curb yellow, and put up those No Parking signs?

It’s pointless to speculate who’s to blame, because there’s never any accountability anyway.

When a private company makes a mistake, they have to address it or suffer the consequences. When government makes a mistake, they just double down on it and raise our taxes.


  1. I don’t know what your problem is. IT’S JUST LIKE A BUS. Except It’s electric and it rides on permanent steel rails. And it has this weird trapeze rigmorole that connects it to electricity and kills pigeons. This is a bold leap into the 21st century with 19th century technology.

  2. The “designated” parking will of course have meters…and if you park somewhere else the penalty will be $500….that will help compensate for the million-dollar losses that the trolley will rack up in its operation.

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