Tomorrow is the deadline to register as a candidate.

Tomorrow (Friday, February 17) is the last day to register as a candidate in the May election.

Half the seats on City Council are in play. A mess of school board positions will be voted on.

Act now and you could be El Paso’s next mayor!

Before he went away to college, a former power broker told a good friend of mine that the influence brokers show up at those school board breakfasts with suitcases full of cash. Serving on the school board could be a lucrative hobby.

Very few viable candidates have registered yet, so your chances are about as good as anyone else’s.

I know it looks like as much fun as swimming in a cesspool, but maybe, just maybe, you could change all that.

Go for it. El Paso needs your level-headed, no nonsense, attitude.

Here’s a story from the El Paso Times with all the juicy details.

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