Things are heating up in Juarez.

My favorite Juarez news source La Polaka reports that there have been 29 murders so far this month in Juarez, including a spectacular public machine gun execution on Highway 54, the road that passes by the Juarez airport.

Most of the murders have been attributed to participation in retail drug sales.

There is also reportedly a mobilization of the Mexican army and federal police in anticipation of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s transfer from his cell outside of Juarez back to his previous roost at Altiplano in the state of Mexico. A new wave of violence is anticipated throughout Mexico as the result of the kidnapping of el Chapo’s son from a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta.

La Polaka reports that the man executed on Highway 54, named Tecnologico in that part of Juarez, was a businessman who operated gas stations in Chihuahua City, and he had just arrived in Juarez to settle some large drug debts, according to unnamed sources.

In other news from Juarez, Malena will be celebrating her birthday Friday at El Buen Tiempo. The bar promises there will be dinner and dessert for all in attendance.

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