The Ugly

Finally, this weekend the El Paso Times ran a guest column bylined by our beloved mayor. Here’s a piece of it:

As the Mayor of this great city, I respectfully ask you to stop denigrating the City of El Paso and by default, the employees, staff, and City Council of El Paso, past and present. You accused the city of purposefully trying to confuse the residents of El Paso, obfuscate facts, and be less than transparent and fair in the process and manner in which the city has acted on the arena issue. I found your letter and guest column offensive, but the most bothersome thing about it was that it completely ignored the truth.

Wha? Wouldn’t you expect our mayor to pay a little attention before he starts shooting off op-eds to the newspaper?

Do you think that the City of El Paso was trying to confuse the residents of El Paso when they asked them to vote for a Multipurpose Performing Arts Center, and instead tried to build an arena?

Do you think the City of El Paso was trying to obfuscate facts when they told us that building the arena adjacent to the Civic Center was worth $25 million, when the Comptroller said that the arena had nothing to do with it? Or that they’d had talks with Union Pacific about building the arena in the railyards?

Do you think the City of El Paso was “less than transparent and fair in the process and manner in which the city has acted on the arena issue?” That one has to go right up there next to Mayor Margo’s campaign promise to hold the line on taxes. I can’t think of a single action that the City has engaged in with regard to the “arena” (Note: it was never supposed to be an arena) that was transparent and fair.

Sorry, Mr. Mayor. Your credibility was a leaky boat before, but now you’re just stomping holes in the hull. If I were your Public Relations Crisis Management Team, I’d advise you to shut the fuck up.

With all due respect.


  1. The Mayor is a cheap white trash hillbilly that’s about one generation from mating with his cousins. Ignore him. The only town in the world where he could attempt to sell that weak shit is El Paso. On a brighter note I’ll be attending the La Féria tonight and last night I saw Joan Baez and Steve Earl and a bunch of fantastic people at the Abraham Chavez theater which remains one of the premier venues in the country for acoustics. Dee wasn’t there.

  2. Senator Rodriguez was NOT denigrating the people of El Paso or the city itself. He was calling out a corrupt bunch of people who can’t even keep their lies straight. And Mr. Mayor, your employees showed how stupid they were when they had the nerve to ask for a “clarification” from Judge Meachum then turned around and convinced city council to appeal her ruling. You’re going to lose and cost the taxpayers even more money.

  3. The mayor has been taking online courses by Gobbels. If you repeat a lie often enough eventually it becomes the truth.

    The public will scream and threaten. The council will wait until all the steam is released and proceed to demolish the hood. Just like the old city hall. All the protests and petitions and fir what?

    Come election time all is forgotten and these same fools will be re-elected by even bigger fools.

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