The real story?

Given the nearly constant, egregious, dysfunctional, behavior of City Council and City Government, don’t you think that the recent righteous indignation of all involved is a little suspicious?

Where’s the clamor about the $22 million lost by delaying the ballpark bond financing?

And how about the (previously noted) selection of a lawyer heavily invested in defending municipalities from ethics allegations as the investigator? Don’t you think it would have been more appropriate to hire, say, an investigator? A former District Attorney from out of town, maybe, or a white collar crime specialist, or an FBI agent? Because the kind of attorney the City hired is a guy who sells a narrative, and not a guy who roots out the truth. The narrative, I’m afraid, has already been decided.

Do you suppose that punishing City Manager Tommy Gonzalez is retribution for him allowing his Chief Financial Officer Dr. Mark Sutter to spill the beans about the ballpark financing?

And what about the other stuff that happened at Monday’s Special Meeting of City Council? None of our esteemed media outlets are reporting on it, but I’m afraid City Council approved the sale of $366 million in bonds for the Quality of Life projects, including $180 million for that downtown arena that duplicates facilities available at three other venues in El Paso. Couldn’t that have waited until City Government shows some inclination and ability to get its shit together?

Get your tub of popcorn and box of Mike and Ikes, because this isn’t government, this is theater.

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