The Population Box Score

Okay, sports fans, I know that some of you are trying to keep score at home, so here are some of the most recent results.

For the year ending July 1, 2017, El Paso County experienced a net population growth of 3,263 people. There were 13,224 people born, and 5,384 people died, resulting in a natural increase of 7,840. Our international net migration was 3,083, (incoming to El Paso County from other countries less leaving El Paso County to other countries), and our net domestic migration was -7,673.

The estimates were made available by the nice people at the U.S. Census Bureau, who make a living counting people.

No wonder our unemployment rate is so low. But don’t worry: It’s All Good.

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  1. There’s a simple solution to this. We need to start taxing babies. Mayor Margo is always searching for new revenue streams and I think we’ve found it.

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