The Politics of Incompetence

Remember how the settlement agreement for Children’s Hospital bankruptcy included a provision that critic Andy Krafsur wouldn’t be allowed to serve on any future Children’s Hospital boards?

Typical. Petty and mean are not unusual traits in El Paso political circles. People in power hold grudges.

Mr. Krafsur is a businessman and local bankruptcy lawyer. And he’s interested in the Children’s Hospital. Those attributes alone mean that he’s probably more qualified than every other potential board member.

And he probably doesn’t care if he’s on the board of the Children’s Hospital or not. But some former member of the Children’s Hospital board felt it necessary to snub him and deprive the community of his service.

Unfortunately, for the citizens of El Paso County, he’s not one of the cronies calling the shots in the local arena.

Good ideas and high ethical standards aren’t criteria embraced by our purported “public servants”. In fact, high ethical standards probably make you ineligible for any public appointment. We cashed in our ethics for expediency a long time ago.

How much better might El Paso be if, instead of restricting decision-making to a narrow coterie of the connected, we really opened up the process to the best and brightest? We’re limiting ourselves through social incest.

No wonder everyone is leaving town.


  1. because the best and the brightest arent connected to anyone. they are lone wolves. like you. you run, Rich. run. rather a wildhare than a apathetic bunny

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