The Petition to Change Elections

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Elections in El Paso could look much different if El Pasoans for Fair Elections is successful in reshaping how political business is done in the city.

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“It was very validating to see that people really do feel that wealthy donors are overrepresented in our politics rather than everyday people,” Justicia Fronteriza Executive Director Jean-Carlo Tirado said of submitting the petition to the city.

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“The reason I feel this is so important is that, oftentimes in our politics, our representatives are not having honest conversations, because they aren’t really representing their constituents,” Tirado said. “They represent a small handful of wealthy donors.”

Tirado cited the recent extension of El Paso City Manager Tommy Gonzalez’s contract as a reason many people inked their name on the petition.

“They raised his pay but, just the other day, they are saying there’s not enough money to count signatures submitted for the climate charter,” Tirado said. “Look at the current state of our roads cracked and with wide holes, and you can see how our priorities are misaligned here.”

You can see how our priorities are misaligned here.

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