The Ouija Speaks!

My Ouija board says they’re all shook up in the halls of power around here. Not about the court’s decision to disallow sports in the downtown arena. About the precipitous drop in the number and value of taxable properties here.

The bureaucracy chugs along oblivious to the winds of common sense till it hits an iceberg of declining revenues. Then it hurts in the pocketbook.

The only thing worse than a stagnant economy is one in outright decline.

Welcome to El Paso.

If you look at the Fiscal Year 2018 budget, even sales tax revenues are down.

I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.

My Ouija says that they’re even looking at making some changes in the politburo here. Quietly, the way they do things in the politburo. It’ll be all thank yous for your service and we won’t be taking your calls anymore. Unfortunately, they purged all the thinkers, so they’re left with a crew of yes men, middle managers, and bureaucrats.

They may even have to lean on El Chuqueño for some ideas, but I suspect they’d rather all get root canals.

But they’re desperate, so who knows.


  1. Nah, Rich, they won’t be looking to people like you and me for ideas, because they are incapable of using logic. It would never occur to them to call a halt to all the free passes given to businesses in an effort to entice them to come to town, or the exemptions to potential tax payers. Stick it to the common householder! That’s the El Chuco way.

  2. That was the end of any soccer team for El Paso, Foster/Hunt are not willing to pay for a stadium to house their “other” hobby. Unless they think they can get away with making it a sports arena later.

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