The Legendary Barry Martin

If you live in El Paso and you don’t know who Barry Martin is, you don’t own a guitar, and you don’t know anyone who owns a guitar.

Barry is the man when it comes to guitar repair in El Paso. There are probably other people in El Paso who fix stringed instruments. Maybe. None of them are Barry Martin.

People ship instruments from all over the world for Barry to fix.

Mr. Martin used to sell guitars, too. Before 2006, Mr. Martin says he sold 600 guitars a year. In 2006, the national chain Guitar Center moved to El Paso, and that year Mr. Martin sold 60 guitars.

A lot of local music stores went out of business, but Barry Martin had skills. He fixed guitars, so he was able to stay afloat.

But he had a lot of guitar inventory in 2006. And he still does.

Now, Mr. Martin is selling off his old inventory. He has a collection of guitars that he’s selling for $100 a pop. He’ll set up a guitar he sells for another $50.

That’s $150 for an entry level guitar sold and set up by the legendary Barry Martin.

He might even autograph it for you.

If you don’t play guitar, you’ve probably considered learning to play guitar.

If you don’t play guitar, you probably need a guitar sitting around the house so that your friends who play guitar can play it when they come by.

Scientists say that people who play an instrument stand a better chance of fending off dementia in their twilight years.

And sure, you should have learned to play guitar twenty years ago. Forty years ago would have been better. But you didn’t. Do you know when the second best time to learn to play guitar is?


Call Mr.Martin 915-592-4026 to grab your new guitar by the neck. Tell him El Chuqueño sent you.


  1. Barry is not just a master luthier, he’s also an exemplary human being.

  2. Barry, nice article. I bet you have some nice guitars for a song of a price. It’s always a good moment when I think of you. Have a great week. Lynn Garner

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