The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Isn’t anyone from Mountain Star Sports Group interested in a little crisis management?  Don’t they realize that they’re hemorrhaging?

Today they informed the City that they need another $10 million to finish the ballpark.  Well, maybe not to finish it, but another $10 million for now.  They might need more money to finish it.

I don’t even know how they did that.  The City is closed from Thursday at six till Monday at seven.  I can’t imagine that anyone at the City is using personal emails anymore.  Maybe Mountain Star Sports Group has a hotline to the City Manager’s red phone.

I think it’s time to ask all of the City Council members who supported the ballpark without due diligence to chip in.  Maybe not so much.  Just another $50,000 each for now.  We can ask them for more when the next cost increase comes.

It it doesn’t really matter to me if they violated the Open Meetings Act, and conducted back room deals to get us this exceptional deal on a cracker box ballpark, no bigger than some high school’s.  But this exemplifies an extraordinary lack of judgment by all of those involved, both elected officials and city staff.  And they continue to try to justify their actions with weak arguments.

Seriously, everybody who supported the ballpark – and I mean everyone – needs to make amends.  If, for instance, you are a major English language daily who supported the ballpark and whose parent company benefited financially from the relocation of City Hall; or a City employee charged with managing either the City’s legal obligations or financial exposure; or their boss; or a current or former elected official; or a local millionaire feeding at the public trough, you need to step up.  Of course, the easy thing to do would be to leave town.  But you broke it, you pay for it.

And if you are just a poor, ignorant, taxpayer who thought you could trust our elected (and hired) officials to make the best decisions for you, could you please kick in an extra thousand bucks to the City kitty till we come out even?  Thanks.


  1. the “crazies” knew it all along. they should have said 100 million during their sales pitch.

  2. It’s death by a hundred razors. They should just come out and ask for the total anticipated shortfall plus an extra 30% all at once, rather than a new plea for money every 30 days via the Times.

  3. Maybe it’s time for a bake sale for the ball park. When someone asks what tastes the best we can tell them ‘it’s all good!’

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