The Future: Smaller Stadiums

The problem with a 50 year plan is that things change, as noted in this article from Axios:

After years spent believing “bigger is better,” America’s professional sports teams are changing course and building smaller, more intimate venues.

What’s happening: Stadiums are shrinking because of lower attendance and millennials’ viewing habits.

Lower attendance: Thanks to things like HD TVs, instant replay and social media (aka, the “second screen”), fewer people are going to games. The in-home viewing experience is simply too good.

Those darn millennials: Watching a game isn’t enough for them. They want to socialize and wander around. In response, stadium architects are beginning to reinvent the upper deck — removing seats and replacing them with things like lounges and social spaces.

What do you suppose that change in Tastes and Preferences mean for El Pasoans? Will El Paso’s taxpayers shoulder the burden of ballparks, arenas, and stadiums that are obsolete even before they’re built, because our hacendados are living in the past? Next the City of El Paso will be providing tax incentives for a typewriter repair school.

Do you suppose there’s some accountability in City Government?

Ha! Just kidding.

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