The Filthy Lucre is Really Filthy

I don’t like to use my cards.

My debit cards represent money in the bank, literally. With my sporadic income, my credit cards are for emergencies.

I don’t have a bottomless checking account. My entertainment money is cash-and-carry, pay as you go.

I know not everyone is like that, but I don’t imagine I’m the only person in that boat.


Beginning with the 2021 season, Southwest University Park will only accept major credit and debit cards, and tickets preloaded with cash at both the Durango and Santa Fe Box Offices, all food and beverage locations, and the Chihuahuas and Locomotive Team Shops. Apple Pay and Google Pay is also available for use at the Team Shops and concession stands. The 50/50 Jackpot presented by Texas Gas Service will also be accepting debit cards as the preferred method of payment in lieu of cash.

Is MountainStar Sports Group so adverse to counting the filthy lucre that they’ll leave money on the table, so to speak?

I’m reminded of that big cocaine bust in that warehouse in Sylmar, California, back in 1989. The drug dealers reportedly had so much cash that they burned all the denominations less than $20.

I guess I’m not MountainStar’s target demographic.

But I already knew that.


  1. It is puzzling to me, as well. I still know a lot of El Pasoans who are cash and carry people, and we all see the lines on payday of folks who still cash a paycheck. But, then, to be honest, how many of those people can afford the prices at that venue?

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