The End of the Interwebs

According to this opinion piece from Wired, we all better enjoy the internet while we can.

The country’s second highest court seems set to allow our internet service providers the right to discriminate against any website they choose.

And of course the court will end net neutrality. Net neutrality is a little too pesky for those in charge. Websites allow a little too much freedom of expression. They shine an annoying light into the dark corners of the government. They hold the feet of big business a little too close to the flame. The internet gives a little too much voice to the aggrieved and downtrodden and any joe looking for an honest break.

Remember how complacent we were when there were only three broadcast channels? It was Pleasantville. No one was sassing the police for a little over exuberance, or the government for sticking their fingers in everybody’s pie.

The government has to throttle down the internet, for the survival of the social order. Otherwise the ruling class might have to take their jackboots off our necks.

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  1. Maybe the death of the interweb will be the rebirth of the newspaper. Then the Times can hire Crazy Joe Meunch back.

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