The Downtown Historic District

Today, or tomorrow, or yesterday, depending on when you’re reading this, the El Paso County Commissioners Court will consider, or did, whether to nominate downtown El Paso as a nationally registered historic district.

Of course, some of our local political factions don’t want that to happen because they believe that it might stand in the way of demolishing historic buildings. As a matter of law, it won’t, but it will make them look bad worse when they do destroy those historic buildings.

And as Mayor Margo said in this story from the Texas Tribune:

“Everything we’ve been told by every expert is that there is no significant historical value there,” Margo told The Tribune.

Or course, Mayor Margo has a very tenuous relationship with the truth. For Mayor Margo, the truth is mostly an inconvenience to be overcome.

So I encourage you to attend Monday’s El Paso County Commissioners Court meeting, and sign up to speak in favor of the nomination. The meeting takes place tomorrow morning, nine-ish, in the County Courthouse, conveniently located between the County Jail and the Tap.

(Wear your Gallos Negros t-shirt so they know who they’re dealing with.)

If you can’t attend, email your support to your Commissioner, and the County Judge, and all the Commissioners.


I hope to see you there.

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