The Donkey and the Well: A Parable

An old donkey fell in a well. The donkey was old, and the well was dry, so the farmer decided to fill in the well and bury the donkey.

The farmer started shoveling, and as each shovelful of dirt fell on the donkey, he’d shake it off and tamp it down. Eventually, the well was full enough of dirt that the donkey could just walk out of it.

A week later the donkey kicked the farmer in the head. The farmer was in the hospital for six months before he died. The farmer’s family had to sell the farm to pay his medical bills. The farmer’s wife eventually died a penniless alcoholic. His kids grew up to be junkies and prostitutes.

The moral of the story: If some jackass falls in a well, don’t worry about burying him. You’ve got other work to do.

Or: If you want to bury your donkey, make sure he’s dead first. Or make sure you’ve got enough shovel. Rent a backhoe.

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